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Why invest in cask Irish whiskey?


High Demand

Our established relationships with some of Ireland’s best distilleries are the reason we are able to offer premium casks at substantially discounted rates.

All whiskey purchased from our distillery partners is insured and securely stored in bonded warehouses until such a time as you wish to exit your ownership.

New Make Spirit needs to be matured for at least three years before it can be called Irish whiskey so… There simply isn’t enough mature Irish whiskey available to meet rising demand.


Top performing asset class

With Irish whiskey set for a breakout moment, now would be a great time to invest. Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirit in the world, fuelled by new offerings and younger drinkers.

Knight Frank now includes whiskey as an investment in its index and it is chasing the top spot. Out of all other luxury investments indexed such as classic cars, wine, diamonds and even stamps, whiskey is in second place behind the usual first place juggernaut, art.

The Investment Opportunity

Premium casks

Whiskey & Wealth Club buys large quantities of this New Make Spirit straight off the stills, providing the distillery with the funds they need to operate. The whiskey is put in first-fill, A-grade, American oak barrels, stored in a bonded warehouse, and fully insured against fire, theft, accidental damage, and spoilage, making it a readymade investment opportunity.

How investing in cask whiskey works


After holding on to your cask portfolio for your desired holding period, it will be time to monetise your investments.

Exit Strategies


Selling Your Casks

This option is the easiest and most convenient as it only requires the transfer of your investment, no physical movement of the liquid is necessary. Casks can be resold to an independent bottler, retailer, bar, corporate brand or even another investor who may be looking to hold the cask until it reaches an older age. 

There are 4 major categories of buyers that commonly purchase casks: 

  • Distillery Buyback
  • Other Investors
  • Corporate Clients 
  • Independent Bonders

Independent Bonders

Many whiskey brands do not own their own distillery. As whiskey’s popularity grows, we expect to see many more brands looking to buy ready aged whiskey. With the demand for Irish whiskey outstripping current production, this places investors in a strong position.

Over 100 Irish whiskey brands are predicted to enter the market in the next five to ten years. This, in turn, provides a wider market for whiskey buyers and sellers.

Our Brand

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

The multi award-winning sister company of Whiskey & Wealth Club, provides our clients with the alternative option of selling their casks back to an independent bonder through our own brand. This brand is not only acclaimed for its ultra-luxurious rare releases, but also for its innovative crafting methods. By reviving the art of whiskey making through scientific studies and expertise, they are elevating Irish whiskey to the status it once held in the world whiskey hierarchy. 

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. are the only brand in Ireland maturing spirit in this new innovative way, making their releases very rare and exclusive. To find out more about The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. watch the video.